Sarah D

Just from the photograph I knew I wanted to treat myself to one of Laura's beautiful necklaces, but I really did not expect it to be so spectacular in person. The layers of colour she used to construct the piece were unlike anything I've seen before and such a magical surprise.

It is without doubt a wearable work of art!

Beth B

I've bought several things from Hashtag House, but my most recent purchase of the 'Under the Stars' acrylic necklace is definitely my favourite! It fills me with joy to wear it and I just love the combination of different colours and shapes.

All of the products I've bought are extremely well made and packaged beautifully. I can't wait to buy my next necklace from the latest collection!

Carmel S

5 stars (because I can't give more)

I've bought lots of different presents for people from Hashtag House - decorations, baubles, prints and earrings. Everything was lovely, the baubles are amazing and things always arrive well protected and on time.



Hello! I'm Laura and I'm the face behind Hashtag House.

Whilst studying Graphic Design at university I discovered the wonders of laser cutting and was enthralled by it! After graduating I dived straight into learning all I could about the process, exploring the possibilities it opened up within design and crafting my own unique style as a maker. I found my niche using laser cutting to create intricate layers that when assembled reveal design led, aesthetically delightful and technically innovative 3D works of art.