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Our Story

Hello! I know the title says 'Our Story' but I guess it should really say 'My Story'. I'm Laura and I'm the owner of Hashtag House. I'm also the product designer, website creator, manufacturer, laser cutter extraordinare and everything in between. Basically, it's completely a one woman show!

I founded Hashtag House in 2014 upon graduating from The University of Huddersfield with a degree in Graphic Design. Over the course of my studies I had developed a love for laser cutting and wanted to explore how this process could be used within Graphic Art as an alternative to the more common printing processes.

It was something I hadn't seen before, in an ever growing art market, but something I felt produced a beautiful outcome in natural materials such as wood and paper. I felt the process complemented the materials, shaping the design by effectively burning what is already there, rather than adding to it with inks or paint.

Over the last year I have designed a range of products, all of which are laser cut/laser engraved, or both, and all of which adhere to my vision for, unique, artisan, laser cut design. They are all individually made to order by myself in my studio which is based in Yorkshire, England.